Monday, August 29, 2016

Santa Clara Kitchen Set - 25 New Objects by SaudadeSims

S4 CAS Tools by CmarNYC

This is a full-purpose tool for creating CAS custom content for TS4. It's specifically meant to work with Milkshape 3D and to get around the limitations of using MS3D for Sims 4 meshes, but many of the functions can be done with OBJ files which can be used by almost any meshing program.

Here's a summary of the functions:

Cloning Tool - clone from game packages or custom packages

Clone Package Editor - working with custom content packages
General CAS part properties - properties applied to all recolors
Recolor Manager - properties for each recolor
Mesh Manager - export and import meshes
General Mesh Manager - fixes / changes applied to all meshes
Mesh Region Manager - view / modify regions
Thumbnail Manager - set up custom thumbnails

New Windows by Minc78

Glamour Headboard in 32 Vibrant Colors by Sims4Wonderland

Magnolia Daycare - No CC by RedHotChiliSimblr

Nature Boy Skin Blend by Pyxiidis

True Romance Dress by LemonJelly

TS3 Adidas Superstar Conversion by LumySims